Planning for Your Future, Today:
Income Potential of Your Land

Looking for a sustainable way to earn income from your land? Don’t know where to start?

We offer a holistic approach to whole farm planning – everything from your fields to your woods. We do this through land assessments, forest stewardship and farm plans and whole farm business and marketing plans.

farm self assesment

Self Assessment

The first step is to complete a self-assessment of your land, interests, and needs.   This can be completed by completing the survey link above and will provide our land…

management team with the information necessary to best serve you and your land
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Land Assessment

After the self-assessment is received, our team will schedule a walk-through of your land and discuss opportunities we find. A soil sample can be taken and…

   a follow-up letter will be sent to you with an overview of our visit, highlighting opportunities unique to your property and next steps to be taken based on your interests.
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Whole Farm/Forest Management Plans

A forest stewardship and/or farm plan can be developed based on the land assessment. These plans will …

break your land down into various segments, offering management suggestions and an inventory list of what is already growing and what you could grow and where.
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Whole Farm Business Plans

These plans will look at marketable products that can be successfully grown on your land. They…

  will consider various marketing outlets, including those provided by ASD. With these plans, you will be prepared to approach lenders for start-up funds for your farm business. You will also gain a better understanding of cash flow projections and break-even analyses.
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“With our riparian project, they came in with great ideas and worked within the constraints of our limited topography to maximize the ability of the terrain to protect and produce…After an initial fact gathering site visit, ASD came back with and implemented a detailed plan, complete with CAD diagrams and concise measurements, to implement a buffer zone that would make a difference for the future, as well as provide a scenic and indigenous, harvestable protected area that not only will my family enjoy in a few short years, but for generations to come.”

Blake Baker, farmer and owner of The Baker Homestead