Introduction to Organic Gardening Manual

The Introduction to Organic Gardening manual provides the basic, foundational knowledge needed to begin an organic garden. Information in this book has been training new backyard and market gardeners in our Grow Your Own home gardening program for years using data drawn from agricultural best practices and evidence based research.


Organic Grower Group Certification Guidelines

This is a handy guide compiled by the team at our Appalachian Harvest Food Hub and includes a list of approved inputs utilzed by participating organic farmers. Organic standards are designed to allow natural substances in organic farming while prohibiting synthetic substances.


Organic Growers Materials Manual

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Sec 1 Written Response Checklists  Sec 7 Class Training Materials
Sec 2 Standard Operating Procedures  Sec 8 Appendix
Sec 3 Record Log Sheets  Sec 9 QCS Application Materials
Sec 4 Supporting Documents  Sec 10 Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Materials
Sec 5 Traceability Records