LIVING BETTER. LOCALLY. Since 1995, we have been creating jobs in farming
& agriculture and addressing food insecurity in Central Appalachia.
Forest Farming: Saving At-Risk Forest Botanicals
Raising funds for the Appalachian Harvest Herb Hub
Donate today, and help Appalachian farmers like Michelle
finally make a profit forest farming, while also conserving
culturally significant, at risk medicinal plants.

Your donation, no matter the size, makes a big difference for
the people, plants, and future of Appalachia.
We are #plantingforthefuture starting June 4th! CLICK HERE TO
Join ASD for Rec Day at the Winery! A biking, hiking, and floating fundraiser Guided kayak tours lead by Outdoor Adventure Centers will
begin at Abingdon Vineyards: 1st launch at 9am
and 2nd launch at 2pm. Check in 30 min. prior to launch.

BBQ lunch with all of the fixin's catered by
JJ's Restaurant and Sports Bar
Saturday, July 13th - 9:00AM to 5:00PM
$60/ticket - 12 yrs. or older
With funding from the Thompson Charitable Foundation, ASD is launching exciting new work in Buchanan and Tazewell Counties in VA.  Due to growing interest in the forest botanicals sector, there are new opportunities to supply locally grown, certified forest medicinals to national buyers.
ASD is expanding forest botanical production capacity while also increasing support for premium certification which will provide a much higher return for local and regional farmers.


Tackling Hunger

We address hunger by increasing access points for locally grown, nutritious fruits and vegetables. We donate 2nd-grade produce purchased from local farmers to food banks/pantries. We empower families to grow their own food through education, providing supplies, tools and plants. We sell 2nd-grade produce at discounted prices in supermarkets located in low/moderate income communities.  Learn more…


Supporting Farmers

We boost local economies by helping farmers earn income so they can stay on family farms. Our Appalachian Harvest Food Hub provides training, technical support, aggregation, and distribution support to farmers to connect them to wholesale retailers from Maryland to Georgia. We help small farmers & market gardeners manage production and sell at local farmers markets and outlets.  Learn more…

What We're Doing

Hay Days

August 24th, 2020|0 Comments

HAY DAYS! Spring and summer come and go quickly when farming—the season’s first calves are dropped, breeding is in full swing, routine vaccinations are undergo, and all of a sudden you are knee deep [...]

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