In 2020, ASD will celebrate our 25th Anniversary and we wouldn’t be here without so many stakeholders, collaborators, donors, volunteers and corporate and business partners. Our partners over the years have helped us strengthen Central Appalachia and change the lives of the countless families we serve!
To celebrate, we aim to raise $25,000 to further fund our programs in sustainable agriculture and food access. Our efforts would go even farther with the support from anniversary corporate sponsors.  In this role, businesses/companies provide a special, one-time, anniversary gift of financial support. In turn, we will promote them throughout the entire year!
With ASD anniversary corporate sponsors by our side, we’re sure to achieve this special fundraising goal and continue our important work in Central Appalachia.

Celebrating 25 Years

of Living Better. Locally.

25th Anniversary Sponsorship

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Corporate sponsorships are subject to approval by ASD. Questions or ideas? Contact Sylvia Crum, [276] 623-1121 or

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ASD will include your sponsorship in an article about ASD’s 25th year in at least one ASD quarterly newsletter in 2020.

You will receive 2 complementary tickets to our 25th Anniversary Farm to Table event.

You will be recognized at the event as a title event sponsor.

Why Sponsor?

What is Appalachian Sustainable Development?

What is ASD?

Appalachian Sustainable Development is a local non-profit that has been working in Central Appalachia since 1995. ASD’s mission is to transition Appalachia to a more resilient economy and a healthier population by supporting local agriculture, exploring new economic opportunities and connecting people to healthy food.

ASD’s goal is to collaborate with a variety of partners to significantly expand the impacts to rural economic development by leveraging the intersections between agriculture, economic development, community building and health.

Why the Need for ASD?

Why the Need for ASD?

Given ASD’s leading role in the rural food system in Central Appalachia, we have been able to expand our work and have greater impact through larger projects. Through our experience and relationships, we maintain critical connections to partners who value our impacts and work with us to propel stronger local food cultures, public health and economic development.

What is ASDs Vision for the Future?

Our Vision

► Collaborative partnerships with a variety of partners that significantly expand the impacts to rural economic development.

► Leveraging the intersections between agriculture, economic development, community building and health

► Multi-layer strategy to build rural food systems at the local level while bringing urban dollars back to rural areas by providing farmers with increased access to large markets.

► Promoting self-reliance using home and community gardens as a means of improving health outcomes while also providing the opportunity to generate income, increase social capital and build community partnerships.

Why Corporations and Businesses Should Support ASD

Why Support ASD?

With almost 25 years’ experience we know the challenges our communities face and we provide effective, sustainable solutions. Our work must continue. With so few resources available in Central Appalachia, relationships with committed partners are critical to improving our region. We believe that the best way to improve our region is when a variety of partners collaborate for collective impact. When you invest in ASD, you can be assured that 100% of your support stays right here and that your business and brand will be seen as a ‘champion of local’.

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