ASD T-Shirt XL


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At Appalachian Sustainable Development, our mission is to: transition Appalachia to a more resilient economy and a healthier population by supporting local agriculture, exploring new economic opportunities, and connecting people to healthy food.

Show your support of our important mission by purchasing an ASD logo t-shirt! All proceeds will support our work to create jobs in farming and agriculture, teach people where their food comes from and provide families in need with healthy, local seconds produce or ‘ugly food’. Show your friends, family and neighbors that you support your local economy, farmers and your community with a shirt that says “Living Better. Locally.” Think of your purchase as a donation with benefits!

Price includes shipping. Shirts are a 50/50% preshrunk, cotton blend. You can choose your color (Heathered Brown, Heathered Red, or Heathered Blue) and the vegetable on the front (Carrot or Radish). Let us know in the comments section while ordering what you prefer. Shirt quantities, colors and vegetables are available in limited supply and may vary. Order now while supplies last!