Appalachian Sustainable Development is looking for people who want to share their knowledge of medicinal herb plants.  $300 mini-grant awards are available to individuals, organizations, local governments and schools in southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee who are interested in conducting a workshop and/or demonstration. Applications to conduct these events are currently being accepted through July 24th.  Funding for this opportunity is provided by the Sacharuna Foundation.

The workshop/demonstration needs to be conducted before 3/31/2017 with the award funds spent by that date as well. Events should be open to the public on the topic of cultivating, propagating, processing and/or marketing native, forest-grown medicinal herbs. Individuals or groups can apply for more than one mini-grant, but priority will be given to spreading the awards throughout the region.

The mini-grant application asks applicants for their background: to describe their experience with forest farming native medicinal herbs, including number of years, which plants they’ve worked with and if applicable, and experience giving education talks. If they don’t have personal experience and want to bring in outside assistance for the event, they can discuss their interest in that.

Applicants are also asked to briefly describe their ideas for an event: location, presenter(s), topic(s) and activities, intended audience, anticipated attendance, advertisement plans and the approximate date.  The application also requests information on how the workshop will be evaluated. This evaluation can be based on what they would try accomplish with this event and how they will determine the workshop was successful.  Applicants will need to list goal(s) for the event as well (Examples of goals/objectives: # of attendees who want to plant ginseng, knowledge gained by attendees, results measured with survey).

Applying is simple.  Download the application at and send completed application or direct questions to: Emily Lachniet at or PO Box 791 Abingdon, VA 24212.  You can also call 276-492-4534. If you’re interested in connecting with other forest farmers and learning about upcoming events in the region, you can check out and join the coalition.