As a non-profit working in both Tennessee and Virginia we see, first-hand, the chronic issues of poverty, unemployment, food insecurity and poor health Appalachians face. We see local, regional and national non-profits serving the same low/moderate income families with a variety of services.

With only 1% of philanthropic gifts coming to Central Appalachia, we know that relationships are critical. We are committed to our mission to transition Appalachia to a more resilient economy and a healthier population by supporting local agriculture, exploring new economic opportunities and connecting people with healthy food. And we do that through partnerships and collaborations aimed at supporting collective impact.

As the region’s first non-profit to focus on sustainable agriculture and food access; we provide a very unique value to our partners:

  • ASD is well positioned as a convener and collaborator for positive change across state lines and regionally
  • We have the attention of national funders
  • We operate in a culture of transparency, focusing on solid strategies to accomplish program goals and deepen impacts    
  • Our work focusses on creating a culture of empowerment for Appalachians
  • 100% of all investments stay right here in northeast TN and southwest VA 

Some of our grant funders:

Many of our programs are funded by state and federal grant funders, as well as through investments from private foundations. We seek long-term relationships with funders who value our experience and are ready to roll up their sleeves and engage in candid conversations  to co-create collaborative strategies that take time, money, and hard work.

Some of our corporate partners:

We work with a variety of corporate partners who recognize and value our work. Our partners see their financial support as investments in the people and rural communities we both serve, realizing that they are helping tackle today’s challenges, but with a vision of a stronger, more resilient Central Appalachia in the future.

Some of our non-profit partners:

We deliberately seek out non-profit partners interested in supporting the collective impact model for social change. It makes good, common sense to communicate and collaborate, always striving to provide the best services to our beneficiaries. By sharing best practices, providing feedback, knowledge and more, we are better able to manage our limited resources while doing the most good.

Some of our local partners:

We love our region and the wonderful organizations here supporting our good work.