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Grow Your Own

Let ASD help you grow your own garden in 2017

We want you! That’s right, we want to help you grow the best garden possible in 2017! I'm writing to you from Appalachian Sustainable Development located in Abingdon, VA, one of over 30 Grow Appalachia sites currently looking for nearby gardeners to join us for...

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Team Teaching; Students with Special Needs

Greetings from Abingdon, VA! This is Michelle, and I’m happy to announce that it is cooling down and we have had some rain these past few weeks. Our fall brassicas are happy and the cover crop is beginning to sprout. Another beautiful thing about fall is that we are...

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Community Gardening with Kids

     Greetings from Abingdon and Appalachian Sustainable Development!  Deni here, reporting on three of our community gardens that have a concentration of children and young adults at the helm. Girls Inc. is an afterschool program located in Bristol VA that has been...

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Hoop House Weed Help

Greetings from Abingdon VA! This is Michelle reporting for ASD’s Grow Your Own program: Happy late summer to our Grow Appalachia family! It was, “hot as blazes” as my dad says, this past July in Abingdon, VA. Needless to say, I’ve been hitting my garden chores in the...

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Community Gardens and Green Been Sizzle

Greetings from Abingdon! Deni reporting for Appalachian Sustainable Development’s Grow Your Own program located in Southwest VA, Northeast TN. We’ve been fortunate enough this season for mild weather patterns. Seems like it gets Hot and Dry and then we get Rain; not...

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Sustainable Agriculture

Forest Farming Update

A training session for forest farmers was held August 26-28 in Johnson County, TN at the Cherokee Cove Campground. Participants were immersed in a number of topics, including an overview of forest botanicals and how they’re grown, the economics of forest farming and...

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Health and Food

On October first last year, the Northeast TN Southwest VA Food Systems Connectivity Convening took place at Second Harvest Food Bank in Kingsport Tennessee.  More than a hundred people gathered from throughout the region to connect with each other about the ways they...

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POWER Initiative

On August 24th, The Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration announced a $38.8 million POWER investment to grow the economy in the nation’s...

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