A Consumer’s Guide To Eating Locally: The 2017 Local Food Guide for Northeast TN & Southwest VA

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Local Food Guide Submissions

ASD’s Local Food Guide provides a great way to advertise your farm or business.  We distribute 15,000 copies throughout the region as well as online promotion.  Click here for rates and ad sizes.
If you are a producer, please click this link to fill out a survey and provide information so our organization can best meet producer needs.
If you are a buyer, please click this link to fill out a survey and provide information to determine current levels of local food usage so we can evaluate the impacts our efforts are having on increasing connections between local food producers and restaurants and economic develop of our local food economy.

The Appalachian Farmers Market Association brings together all of the market managers in the region so we can accomplish all of the goals listed below together.

Goal 1: Create sustainable economic opportunities for regional farmers, food producers, and artisans.

Goal 2: Increase the public awareness of Farmers Markets throughout the Appalachian region.

Goal 3: Provide educational and training events for Farmers Market managers, vendors, and customers.

Goal 4: Provide support and mentoring for new and emerging Farmers markets in our region.

Goal 5: Increase the availability of fresh, local foods to households of all income levels.

The Rooted In Appalachia Road Show

The Rooted In Appalachia Road Show is all about increasing the public awareness of farmers markets throughout the Appalachian region, but also to have fun. Below are some pictures of the Road Show in 2016. Don’t worry if you missed these events because the Rooted in Appalachia Road Show will be back for 2017, so make sure to keep an eye out at your local farmers market for the Rooted in Appalachia truck.

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